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Our story begins back in 2011 with a beautiful piece of land in the village of Aabra endangered by urbanization and industrialization, saved by Walid Mushantaf, and turned into a 25-hectare estate olive tree Italian cultivar- a haven. When you give to nature, nature gives back to you! He harvested the strengths of the land and reaped the authentic flavors. And, that is how the exquisite extra virgin olive oil of Bustan El Zeitoun came to be Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the pure essence of natural olive oil with all the taste, aromas, and balance of genuine premium olives. This exquisite EVOO will take your palettes on a sensory journey of flavor you’ve never experienced before.

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Treating The Olive Trees Like Grapevines

Olive trees can be grown almost everywhere if you protect them during severe winters. You can even grow them in containers and bring indoors...

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Gentle Manual Harvesting And Processing

Manual harvesting involves picking fruit by hand, using fruit clippers and knives etc. Properly trained workers harvest and handle the fruits with...

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Integration Of The Oil Mills In The Finca

Every single day we challenge our methods of modern and high-quality oil production. In doing so we strive for finding best production methods on... project

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