As a Latin Notary I Authenticate and Give Power of Law for any Legal Act Once signed by the Acting Party &/or Parties in front of me. Furthermore, in Lebanon, only Notarized Acts are valid, legal, and Binding. A Latin Notary Public is held responsible for the Legitimacy of the acts he validates. Equally as a Notary Public of The Lebanese Republic I am responsible of applying the Lebanese Laws making sure they are not being violated, most importantly the liberate will of the contracting party and his capacity in kind & in nature for signing the act. From 2012 to present date, Whether in revenue, number of clients, Quality and Quantity of work, or in Square Meters, The size of my Office grew to become 5 times what it was when I First started. Of course the major turning point was the new concept for the profession I introduced in 2017 consisting of faster Notarized services, semi-automated Notarized acts, dedicated client service and scalable Legal Advices for clients; this required as well moving to a 750 square meters office custom built for this innovative business model. On the Other Hand, for few clients I keep on being their Legal Consultant whether working on Public Policies, Legal Representation, negotiating commercial contracts or multi jurisdictional agreements; Providing Professional Services, advising on International affairs and other services not elsewhere classified keep on my Law Firm thriving.

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Address: Highway Facing Canadian Embassy in Lebanon, طريق جل الديب الرئيسي، جل الديب 2038 1202

Fax: 04/715273

Phone: 70/096292